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                                                SOFT RHYTHM


SOFT RHYTHM is proud to offer a complete line of Hand-Crafted Solid Musical Instruments, Highland Wears and other Accessories based in Sialkot, Pakistan.


HIGH GRADE WOOD AND BRASS USE FOR LONGER LIFE INSTRUMENTS making them strong enough to meet the entire demand who use these instruments. Please find below the list of product range. We always look for our customer satisfaction and we make our best effort on making Quality products. Below is the list of our some products range.


MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS  ( Djembe , Congo , Bongo , Ceramic , Dumbeck , Harp, Bagpipe , Bagpipe Cover , Bagpipe Cord , Drum Head Sheet , Bodharn , Brass Instruments , Wind Instruments ,Educational Instruments , Woodwind Instruments , Leather Sporran , Drum Beater , Felt Beaters , Wood Beaters etc. )


BADGES ( Embroidery , Metal , Machine etc. )


ARMY UNIFORM ACCESSORIES ( Shoulders , Aiguilletes , Sword Knots , Drone Cords , Cap Cords , Snake Cord , Fringes , Tassels , Tags , Braids , Charlee Jackets , Caps , Gloves , Sgains , Web Belts , Waist Belts , Kilts ( Gents, Ladies and children ) , Piper Plaids , Drummer Plaids , Fly Plaids , Scarfs , Ladies Skirts etc. )


Nasir Hussain

Director / Owner






Scottish Wears
   Prince Charlie Outfit
   Argyll Outfit
   Tweed Argyll Outfit
   Doublet Outfit
   Ladies Wears
   Children Wears
   8 YD kilt
   Ladies Tartan Kilt
   Children Tartan Kilts
   kilt Pin
   Plain Leather Belts
   Grain Leather Belt
   Ghillie Shirt
   Bow Tie
   Tartan Ties
   Fly Plaid
   Sgian Dubhs
   Custom Made Kilt
   Utility kilt Tartan, Leather & Cotton
Other Accessories
   Ghillie Brogues
   Kilt Hose
   Hats and Caps
   Bagpipe Case
   Tammy Hats
   Balmoral Hats
   Glengarry Hats
   Bagpipe Cords
   Sword Knots
   Shoulder Knots
   Whislte Cord
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